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Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention

Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention
The Fairy Godmother, Gwendolyn, has called on you to help prepare for the official Convention of Magic Masters being held at her home, Albian Castle, in only a few weeks time. Wizards and sorcerers of the world descend upon Albian for the magical convention of a lifetime and expect incredible accommodations. Use your Hidden Object talents to find hidden treasures and help finance the required repairs and upgrades to the castle grounds in Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention!

*Hilarious characters
*Perplexing puzzles
*Explore Albian Castle!

Winter Voices - Episode Prologue: Avalanche

Winter Voices - Episode Prologue: Avalanche
Gamezebo Rating: Winter Voices is an ambitious 7-episode tactical role-playing game by French indie developer Beyond the pillars. Avalanche, the first episode in the series, is the kind of game you really want to like. It's fiercely creative, doesn't kowtow to any current fads or trends, and offers a wonderful amount of freedom to customize and develop your character. Unfortunately due to heavy-handed dialogue, some localization issues, and battles that move at a snail's pace, the series almost grinds to a halt before it even begins. There are some very interesting things here, but you're going to need to be patient to appreciate what the game has to offer.

Farming Simulator Gold Edition (2010)

Description :
Want to be the most advanced farming in the world? New realistic simulator will not only manage the technology, indispensable for agriculture. Players will sow hectares of black earth with selected grasses, and grow profitably sell a rich harvest. With the money you can buy everything you need - from combines and tractors to plow, and sickle mowers. But in order to transform the farm into a profitable enterprise, will have to try! The more goods you send to market, the higher will be your reputation. Raise agriculture to a high level - a national project. Can you take part?

Pirate Solitaire

Pirate Solitaire
After being stranded on a deserted island, two pirates make a map and toss it into the ocean as their last chance at survival! Follow this map in Pirate Solitaire, a fast-paced and exciting Card game! Chain together combos to unlock treasures and earn gold coins! Travel across the mighty ocean towards countless treasures and new adventures.

*Gripping gameplay
*Challenging combos
*Follow a pirate's map!


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